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about us

From three different countries, we join our skills, interests, and ideas together in one project
why we chose this design

Design is essential to any presented project. To make your ideas interesting, your work enjoyable, and your goals easy to achieve you need to have a creative and an attractive design to make sure your messages are delivered appropriately. This design by Zerif Lite is a reflection of our diverse group, which includes members with different tastes, different expectations, but high artistic and professional standards. It is also, the best choice for our project, which is central to technology, and music in particular. It has several customizing options that allowed us to apply the outline that we had in mind. Our goal is to present a modern, simple, colorful design that reflects our taste and our goals, and this theme offered the best options for us.


We seek knowledge, we work with passion, and we believe in creativity


Art Director
Noura has a background in International Studies. As our team art director, Noura determine how best to represent a concept visually. She reviews and approve designs of website, poster and all related visual products.

Anna urnova

Senior Engineer
Anna has 5 years work experience in museum of Moscow. She is the senior engineer of our team. She demonstrates solutions by developing documentations, flowcharts, programming, technical support.

Wanyu zhang

Multimedia Director
Wanyu comes from Beijing, China. As the multimedia director, she works on creating multimedia products, including photos and videos. She in charge of multimedia projects and public relations.


Lead Modeler
Bai graduated from the top university in Beijing, China. Bai has strong background in science education that helped our team to address many theoretical issue. As the lead modeler. She is building and integrating date models to support our team.


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